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OUR HISTORY: Ministers Prayer Network (MPN) started officially on January 18, 1995. The International Head Coordinator, Rev Prof. Mosy U. Madugba was motivated to start Ministers Prayer Network as a result of his visit with David Yongi Cho and some Board members of Church Growth International in Seoul, South Korea in October 1989. This was reinforced by another meeting he had with Mr. George Tuck of West Midlands vision in Birmingham, England on June 12, 1992 where he listened to the amazing transformation story of the city of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, USA through the power of corporate prayers. This was narrated by Raid Carpenter at a breakfast meeting at the Forte Crest Hotel, Heil street in Birmingham England.Please Click To Read More About Us

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Apostolic Elders
Motto: Taking the Battles to the Gates.   
“The Elders have ceased gathering at the gate and the young men from their music.  The joy of our heart has ceased: our dance has turned into mourning.  The crown has fallen from our head, woe to us for we have sinned!” (Lamentation 5:14-16).
This is what happens in any city, state, nation or continent where their elders and prophetic gatekeepers fail to watch over their gates.    
The Apostolic Elders are made up of male and female members of the Network, who are at least 50 years and above.

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Apostolic Women
Motto:  Frontliners With The Spirit Of Excellence
The MPN Apostolic women is the female arm of Ministers Prayer Network. This unit was inaugurated on the 16th through the 19th of June, 2010 during an MPN meeting at Chapel of Redemption, University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus. They are an essential, inseparable part of the Mpn Family and Global work force, not an autonomous women group. They are made up of born again women, who have totally yielded themselves to the Holy Spirit, to reformat them, to possess Kingdom mind-sets. They are bold, fearless, courageous, broken and selfless, on fire for God, partnering very closely with the Holy Spirit.

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Apostolic Youths
Motto: God’s End time Recovery Army.
These are young boys and girls as well as young men and women from teenage ages to the ages of 35yrs as long as they are single. They are free to join the other units too. They are also known as Apostolic sons and daughters.
Vision Statement:To provide a platform for Christian youths to fellowship and serve God together; to be trained, mentored, coached,
equipped and empowered to become godly and better future leaders and to excel in the various vocations they choose in life. 

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Apostolic Men
The Apostolic men are made up of male members of the Network.
Vision Statement: To provide an apostolic platform for godly men to train, get equipped and be spiritually empowered as territorial leaders, excelling in all areas of life.
Apostolic Men Motto: Empowered for territorial Leadership.

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Our Gilgal Monthly  Meetings

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