Apostolic Men Vision Statement
To provide an apostolic platform for godly men to train, get equipped and be spiritually empowered as territorial leaders, excelling in all areas of life.
Apostolic Men Motto: Empowered for territorial Leadership.
The Apostolic men are made up of male members of the Network. In addition to the general objectives listed above, the apostolic men aim to:
  1. Provide corporate Apostolic and Prophetic city leadership for their various cities at their own level where functional Apostolic Elders team is not available.
  2. Provide individual leadership at various important gates in the city e.g. spiritual, political, social, economic, education, etc.
  3. Provide teachings and exemplary godly life and leadership styles.
  4. Protect the city from spiritual pollution.
  5. Identify causes of death and stumbling blocks in the city and take steps to destroy them.
  6. Mentor one another and younger leaders.